Saturday, September 15, 2012

not my finest moment, or day for that matter...

oh curse you. the lack of sleep.  the hormones.  maybe even the moon.  all's I know is today was the culmination of some of my worst moments. really there may have been a number of contributing factors  but I take full responsibility for my actions however less than stellar they have been.
(Oak Alley in LA.  I took this picture on 8/2/05 just days before Katrina. The calm before the storm. 
I thought it was appropriate.)

so, cut to this morning 5:45am, on about 4 hours of sleep.  husband home this morning, he usually isn't so the morning can get a little dicey when he is added to the mix.  I ask him to put the bagel down in the toaster for me, no time for me to sit and eat... have to eat in the car.  I come down ready to leave. bagel is all wrapped up nice.  awwwe I think nice husband, fixed me up right this a.m.  I had no time to make a coffee, bagel would have to do.  off to my 15 year old's new school for a meeting, I bite into the bagel and should have known this was the day to turn around and just call it a day.  Bagel is dry, not a speck of anything on it! oh yum, NOT! I don't even have coffee to help choke it down.

I get to school, go to the office to sign in and believe that it is friday the 13th, clue number two that I should have called it a day. meeting goes well I must say... now on to work.

Email from sister in-law inquiring about train tickets we purchased to go to PA in December for a wedding.  I am suspicious that sister-in-law #1 and #2 are going to try to pawn my MIL off on us for the trip.  I give my husband a heads up. he assures me they wouldn't do that.  he says SIL #2 knows it is her turn to take MIL since we just took her on a 7 day cruise and 5 days to Vero beach.  I however am still suspicious of SIL #1 and #2.

Get to the work parking garage.  They are remodeling...very confusing to get around the changes in traffic flow.  Garage guy starts to yell at me.  How the eff can I hear him yelling at me from in his truck?  He is beeping the horn, waving his hands.  I literally loose it and yell "What!!!!" in a manner that anyone who heard it would be waiting for my head to spin and green slime projectile vomit to be expelled out of my eyes, ears and mouth.  I am embarrassed.  I park there everyday.  It is where my parking pass is issued.  fuck, I am going to have to see this guy everyday now...

In the office, follow up email from my SIL #1, prying info on our trail itinerary. I am not happy, I respond in a cryptic manner but she is not letting up.

I ask co-worker about a meeting on Monday.  Said co-worker has a very HIGH opinion of herself and her importance in her job. I put up with her and make nice on a regular basis.  today however, she decided that she needed to point out to me how very important she is and I got a serious SMACK DOWN.  I am still smarting from it. She pointed out to me how many fewer files I have than she does in a not very nice way.  Well than, on all days there was a guy in my office who thought he was having a heart attack.  First responders took him to the ER.  Well low and behold little Miss Bitch slap came and asked me why I didn't tell her they took heart attack guy out.  I explained that I knew she was very busy and didn't want to bother her.  Well she didn't like that. I may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but when you get a bitch slap like I did from her, I'm not exactly going to run to her and tell her all of the office news.  So then she plants herself in my cubicle...blah blah blah she keeps going on about trivial crap.  Meanwhile more emails from SIL #1.  Well bitch slap woman decides she needs to apologize, why I don't know and clearly she doesn't know me well enough to know that she could serve a sorry up on piece of your best anything and I will accept however I will NEVER forget.  People who turn on you once, will turn on you again.  HOWEVER, given my fragile(pronounce fargillee like in A Christmas Story) she kept going on that she was sorry and the more she said I began to feel the tears.  I can't effing believe it!! I never get emotional at work and here I go.  There was no blubbering but all the same the tears were there.  I would like to act all cool, but I thought she was a friend and I should have known better.  Anywho should have considered hanging it up at that point.

Now SIL #1 is still emailing me for specifics on our trip.  What is making me angry about this is that they know our position that it is SIL #2's turn to deal with traveling with the MIL however it appears that they are going to book her on the same train as us, this 78 year old very confused woman and then let us know we are responsible for her.  I swear I am about ready to loose my shit on this one! She is the same MIL who sent $25,000 to the Dominican Republic for the lottery she allegedly won.  The thing that kills me is that rather than step up to the plate and take their turn they would rather jeopardize our relationship. I finally do the unthinkable.  I told SIL #2 a different route from the one that we are really taking and told my husband he needs to call his sisters and get this shit straightened out.

Cut to my evening where I needed to welcome 85 scouts to the cub scout program this year.  I am dealing with nit picky leaders who seem to forget at times that the program is about the kids.  I can't even get into it but after 2 and 1/2 hours of sign ups, fundraising kick off and teaching them all how to make survival bracelets I was done!

But really I am not done as my oldest son is three towns over playing Magic the Gathering until 11pm at a card shop.  The town he was in is not the greatest.  he is supposed to call me 30 minutes prior to getting out.  I am driving there thinking everything is fine and that I will have some time to read before they are done. I get txt from him while I am 20 minutes away that they have been waiting outside and the store was closed than I get 'LOL' from him so I don't know what is going on but I am still trying to drive and get there with all of this going on.  They get in the car and he starts.  He can't understand what my problem is.  My big problem is that I was responsible for someone else's kid and if the reverse happened to me I would have been very PO'ed!

I finally get home 8 minutes before the end of this shitty day. Granted I am grateful for all of the things I am lucky enough to complain about but it just feels so good to put it out there.  Now maybe I can sleep.