Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chicken Workshop with author Terry Golson

My son and I spent a beautiful day at Little Pond Farm with author Terry Golson, her flock and other chicken enthusiast.  We learned lots, it's nice to see how other people set things up.
First of all, Little Pond Farm does have a little pond. One of the residents is 'The Beast' Terry blogs about him often. 
Terry blogged about our visit too!  Please check it out at her Hen Blog. She has great information on her blog and a hen cam.
We learned how Terry uses her chickens to turn her compost and how she protects her girls from the hawks in the area.  We did have a fly over of one of them when we were there. Terry showed us her compost system. She sets up palates with 3 sides. One side is open for adding to the pile & so the girls can climb in and scratch away.  She dumps her weeds, chicken poop
  & other ingredients.  I love this idea! The chickens scratch & peck turning the compost for her.

The CDs hanging help keep flying predators at bay.  Photo in the right is Papa Chick(PC) listening attentively to Terry.  He had such a great time.
Here is one of the stars of the show.  This is the Tillie bird.  The original Tillie went to the big chicken coop in the sky.  This is Coco. She goes with Terry to schools and to a little show called the Martha Stewart Show.

 Terry's garden was beautiful with bits of whimsy here and there.

PC had a blast hanging out with the girls. They really seemed to take to him. We learned all about how to spot chicken ailments, what to do & dealing with a broody hen.

        We also meet Buffy, one of the original girls from the book.                                       
We met Candy, the resident rabbit and diva of the yard.  Candy is all about the attitude and as a result, 
all of the girls respect her space.  A very Zen rabbit if you ask me...
We then had ice tea and cookies on the covered porch and learned more about chicken keeping 
and had time for questions and answer.
Everything was just lovely...what a nice way to spend an afternoon.
The grand finale...
The author signing the book for the boy.  This was the book a few years ago that started chicken fever in our house and inspired us on this journey.
 A very memorable day for this chick and her boy.


Maryann said...

Hi there, Kris
Yes, it was a fantastic day! Her farm is beautiful and everyone was so welcoming. I enjoyed being with fellow chicken enthusiast, including you and your son. Your blog is delightful. I have lots more of it to read, but I will. Best regards, Maryann

Terry Golson said...

It was great meeting you and Reilly! He has the perfect attitude and body language for being around chickens. A natural.

janis said...

What a great day! How interesting and a wonderful way to learn more and spend time with your son. Terry's chickens are beautiful!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

I think I just figured out why the patio in Rome had CD's hanging all around....pigeons?

Reality Jayne said...

That sounds like a wonderful day.....He will remember it it forever. I would love to hear her talk

Bee Lady said...

Looks like a wonderful time. I would never have guessed why CD's were hanging around! Do you think they used to hang albums back in 'the old days'? Or 8 tracks!

Can't wait to hear how much you finished on your bucket list. Seems like I always have a list like that going. We took a staycation this year and I would have preferred going away...{sigh}

Cindy Bee

Janie Fox said...

that looks like a great time. Makes me want chickens...and tea and cookies!