Thursday, June 30, 2011

Growing pains...

Our chicks are growing!  We moved our meat birds to the coop and today was their first day out.
They are getting so big and enjoying their new, albeit temporary digs.
They all seem to be doing well though some were a little timid about venturing out.
I can't believe how big their legs and claws are.  I think they give a new meaning to
growing pains, but no leg problems so far for our birds.

As for our hens, they are still cute as can be...
technical difficulties have prevented me from uploading the video.
Given the week I have had, I just can't deal with tech problems right now.

I have been absent from the blog world due to something I guess I could call growing pains too.
I have been doing some soul searching...I work from home, and not happy doing so.
So many people don't get it.  I am happy to have a job, but every day seems like
groundhog day to me.
When I began working from home, my boys were smaller, bus schedules and
day care ruled my world.
Now they are older, buses come earlier and I could make it to an office no problem now a days.
I have been so unhappy for so long with work, but considering the economy,
who have I been to complain? It is so isolating working from home.
I am going to continue to do some soul searching about this, as I prepare
for the weekend.  Guess who will be back and it is
going to be another wicked long weekend for this chick!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oops I did it again...

Sometimes, I don't do the brightest things.
In my defense, it has been a crazy week(hence my absence from  blogging and commenting)
Anywho, my boys finally got out of school this week.  To confuse me in an already crazy week, my boys each had a different last day of school.  This is important(trust me).
My oldest has been scheduled to work as a den guide at a Boy Scout Camp.  Very exciting for him, he is 13 and this is his first job like this, even though it is a volunteer job(ya gotta start somewhere).
I have had it programed in my head that the day after the last day of school he was going to camp.
I sit and look at my calendar all day. It has been on the calendar forever.
Well school in our town officially ended on Wednesday, because my oldest is at the High School for the first year, we are new to the final exam schedule and that the last day of school is for make ups so,
if you didn't miss a final you don't have to go.
Now, my trusty husband has been under the weather with a bum wing, having surgery about 4 weeks ago.  He is just starting to drive and still not feeling great.  I kept telling him that the oldest was going to camp the day after school got out. My husband took that as he was going to the camp on Wednesday since he didn't have school on Wednesday.  Ya see where I'm going with this right?
Well as stated, I haven't really been on my game this chicks...hungry meat birds...cub scouts.. work crap...end of year gifts for people...late to bed every night(way too late).

It wasn't until they had been gone 45 minutes into their 1 hour and 15 minute drive that I realized as I was looking at my calender...Thursday...Camp...Thursday...Camp. What the fire truck I said VERY loud! As it dawned on me that the day was Wednesday and they were a day early!

I tried calling my husband...not answering, no surprise, he was driving with a bum wing.  Finally a call back from the boy "what mom?" I just laid it on the line and knew that they had a good 45 minute ride back to get it off their chest to each other how they felt about the situation.  I think they were pretty much done, shall we say 'verbalizing' how they felt when they finally got home...and bright side... last minute boy was ready and packed a day early.

So, cut to today...the boy kept asking me if I was right today and today was the day...
what can I say...sometimes I am just not the brightest bulb. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 14 ~ cute chicks & awkward teenagers...

I know it sounds like the makings of an 8th grade dance... cute chicks and awkward teenagers.  No dance here, just a lot of activity in my garage.

The chicks are here and the are so cute! I can't believe these little girls will actually be big enough to lay eggs themselves in a few months.
There are 9 Rhode Island Reds and 3 Black Stars. We are looking forward to seeing their personalities develop so we can start naming them.

Meanwhile... Our Cornish X Rocks have entered that awkward teenage stage. Not the cute chicks that they had been, but they all still seem to be doing well.

Here is a little video...


Saturday, June 18, 2011

If 1 is the loneliest number and Bo Derek was a 10, what does that make me?

Yes, it seemed like just yesterday...
in the world of the blog, 1 is the loneliest number.
It is like that tree that falls in the forest...
If no one is there to hear it does it really make a sound?
I always thought that was a really stupid question,
of course it makes a sound...
it is just better if someone is there to appreciate the noise.
Well I have hit the double digits thank you all very much and have 10,
yes count them on both of your hands, I have 10 followers. 
 Best of all for me, you have some of my favorite blogs out there...

Reality Jayne, what can I say.  You were my first...we love the swamp(people that is).  I love your blog thanks for doing what you do the way you do!

Suzette, again what can I say.  So much fun to keep up with the Predicament, the mini and the mama. You do remind me to enjoy the everyday things and to take pictures of them!

Blooming Cottage... you had me at that beautiful yellow cake!  So talented.

Mommie Dearest, I always thought the 'f' word ended with a 'k', but not in your house.  Love your stories!

Janie, blather away.  You can blather to me anytime! So strong and faithful, you inspire me.

Stitchfork, let's here it for moms of boys! I love your designs and photos. I am glad you break the rules because you create unbelievable stuff. glad you are still here! I love to see what you are creating, keep sharing! I also love your fun fone photos! I haven't seen another blog with them, you are a trend setter : ) totally put the OM in the OMG! I have so much fun seeing what is going on in the great white north!

Theresa... you did it, you put me into the double digits!  I look forward to following your blog, it is beautiful and I appreciate your insight keeping a blog anonymous.

I can't thank you all enough for getting me off to this start and
giving me great blogs to follow and look forward to catching up with.

I also want to thank you all for your comments on sharing not sharing my blog.  I am going to keep mine on the down low for now, but I do have a new rule.  Unless I am ready to send someone a link to my blog then I shouldn't say a word about it to them.

I hope you enjoy my blog from time to time...I am still finding my way.
I do foresee some additional installments of
"How the Chicken Coop Turns"
and I will also post day 14 of the chicks, the awkward teenage stage.
Newsflash...Perry we now believe to be a rooster
and a Golden Polish(not Silver)
We are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of our
9 Rhode Island Red and 3 Black Star hens
due to arrive in the next few days...
 stay tuned....


Thursday, June 16, 2011

A question of guilt...

So...My sister has a really nice camera that replaced her other really nice camera. I know there has been much ado in the blog world about what kind of camera a blogger should use to have blog cred. I would like to just take nicer pictures in general, I digress, back to topic..

My sister has no kids and does really well for herself, hence the numerous camera purchases. She said her 'old' camera was just sitting in her closet. I asked if I could borrow it. Being the great(wicked awesome) sister she is, she said 'sure'.

She brought me the camera tonight and told me I could have it! So nice, so generous. I felt compelled to tell her why I wanted it, I really wanted it to get better pictures for my blog.

"A blog?" She asked.

"Yes, I started a blog. I like to write and want to stretch my writing legs a little and dabble in photography to see if I can get some good pictures on my blog." I explained

"I have nine followers of my blog(thank you, thank you, thank you!)" I further explained.

"Can I follow your blog?" she asked.
(insert guilt and foot in mouth here...)
"No." I said.

I tried to explain but her feelings seemed to be hurt, I could tell.
I explained that I am anonymous in the blog world and that gives me the freedom to write smart stuff, funny stuff, serious stuff and the occasional stuff that isn't so great and just gets crickets. But I further tried to explain that being anonymous gives me the opportunity to say and try different things on my blog and none of you are going to look at me any different cause I'm not going to see you at the baseball field, grocery store or my next family gathering.

I am curious what you all think, anonymous bloggers or not. I told my sister after I get this blog thing down a little better I will let her know. Now the more I think about it, the guiltier I feel(yes that is the Catholic girl talkin')
Give it to me straight, I can take it. What da'ya think?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Does this lighting make me look fat? (asked the chicken)

Ok we are at day 9 with our foray into chicken raising.  I was taking pictures and I could have sworn I overheard a conversation...
"Do you think this lighting makes me look fat?" asked the chicken on the left.

"Shh, I'm exhausted, I have been eating all day... Huh, no, no, you look good.  Sometimes the wood shavings can wash you out a little and the red light is not always the most flattering...It doesn't help when this muffin top head Silver Polish plops down and sleeps in front of us...Who could look good with this skinny thing right up in here?  I swear she comes over here just to get you feeling all self conscious. Look at that one over there, as big as a house and still showing off for the camera... It isn't even her best side. No shame...go back to will be time to eat again in 5 minutes."

As the Chicken Coop Turns...
Like grain through a feeder...
These are the (few) days of their lives...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This chick has been scarred...

They say when it rains, it pours and bad things happen in threes, well..

I got no pictures, no video today, just a story(a true one at that) of how I have been scarred with WAY too much information. 

Cut to this past weekend,
I thought no one was home.  We often keep our downstairs bathroom door closed because Ginger tries to steal the TP and hand towels.  Well I walked into the bathroom, I was not home alone...(and ok, so one picture)

that is all I'm going to say about the first of the trifecta of scarring moments I have endured in the past 72 hours.

Cut to yesterday,
I know yesterday I blogged about my MIL and how she was complaining that her bra doesn't hold her girls in when she is bending over gardening....Ewweee and scarring moment number 2.

Cut to only a few hours after that little conversation with the MIL,
I am walking down the hall, with my husband and there is my MIL in her skivvy's getting changed with the door of the guest room open!

I am recovering, it has been a rough few days.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 7 with the chicks (and other drama)...

I can't believe how big they are getting!!

A few side notes...
It WAS a wicked long weekend, so long that my mother in law seems to not know it ended and

I am a little saddened by news from Crumble Town and drama involving one of my favorite blogs by Scribe.  Scribe, I don't know who the culprit was who was talking trash, but know in my short time here in the blog world, I have really enjoyed your blog.

Now for a little TMI... as stated my MIL is still here.  She is in the garden doing a little planting(ok I am thankful for that) however, she just came into get a drink and had to inform me of how her bra doesn't keep her girls under control while bending over in the garden.
Now I am no prude, but when it comes from parents sharing too much info on their body parts, I am just gonna say it(in pig latin), I owthray upway inway ymay outh may.

Friday, June 10, 2011

on being wicked...

I am not literally wicked, but being from Massachusetts, a lot of things are wicked.
Things can often be...
Wicked cool
Wicked hot
Sometimes I am wicked tired.
When I was in high school things were wicked awesome.
If you want to find news, you can google Wicked Local for local Massachusetts news.
and..sometimes things are just plain wicked.

Today I find myself being wicked sarcastic.
(sahcasitic really if we are being true to my MA accent..and I have a wicked MA accent)
and a shot of Fenway from right field for some Massachusettes ambiance.

Anywho...Tim the Toolman informed me that his mother is staying with us yet again for another weekend.  Please note that she just stayed with us last weekend. 
I do love her, she did give birth to my husband.
However sometimes these weekend visits can be a little much.  I'm not sure if you all know this, but my mother in law actually knows EVERYTHING.  No joke, she totally knows everything.  Even things she has no business knowing, she knows.
So I said to my husband, "That is GrEaT that your mom will be here! It is soooo SuPeR helpful since she knows EVERYTHING!"
She just arrived... It is going to be a wicked long weekend.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A dog's eye view...

So, I work from home...
Sounds great, right?
Well sometimes yes and sometimes, not so much.
I am thankful that I have a job, but it is no cake walk for sure.
I work alot hours, about 60 a week.

To battle the loneliness, we got Ginger about 3 years ago.
There are no flies on her. She knows what she wants.

The treat zone...
Top shelf is the milkbones(Ginger likes to kick her treats old school) and the occasional dentastix for those not so fresh days.

Sometimes I am busy.  Ginger has a move to combat this.  I call it the "cram your head under my arm move so I can't type move".  It is usually pretty successful.

Then sometimes she just sits...and looks... I think now she is saying "Mommy just tell me, what is really in the garage?  I'm hungry for a snack and a milkbone isn't gonna cut it."
We have decided to hold off on the formal introductions with Ginger and the chicks till they are a little bigger or atleast can't fit in her mouth with one gulp.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I have learned this week(so far)

1. Some people are a little freaked out that most of the adorable little chicks will be in my freezer in 10 weeks.
2. There really is a pecking order and it is fascinating to watch it get established.
3. Chicks sleep in all different ways, but none standing up.  The most popular position seems to be flat out with beak in the shavings, but some sleep on their sides, legs sticking out and everything.
4. I can not imagine what life must be like for a meat chicken in a mass production chicken farm, especially their early days of life.  I do not think it could be easy.
5. I have really begun to embrace the idea of knowing where my food comes from.
6. I look at leftovers in an entirely different light.  We have always been good about eating leftovers, but the thought of throwing meat away that an animal's life was taken for seems even more wasteful than I had ever thought before.
7. Hens must be exhausted caring for chicks.  They eat, drink and sleep in a cycle of about 45 minutes, I don't know how they can keep up.

Shhh, baby chick sleeping.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A chick story... in the beginning

The email came Sunday morning from McMurray Hatchery... our chicks had hatched and were on the way!
PC(my 9 year old who is now referred to as Pappa Chick) was ready for the call.
At 6:11am the phone rang.
It was Betsy from the Post Office... "you have a lively bunch of chicks here."
I could hear the peeps on the other end.
I ran into PC's room, he jumped out of bed, eyes still closed.
he threw on his clothes ran down stars and hopped in the car.
We are only a couple miles from the Post Office.  We made it
there and back home by 6:28am.
PC went  to school late so he could help get them drinking water and eating.  We also took some time to name and identify our exotic chick Perry, the Silver Polish, who sometimes is referred to as a Silver Irish by PC because he gets mixed up as PC is both a little Irish and Polish.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Chicks are in da house(well actually the garage)

Here they are...
24 meat birds and Perry.
One of the meat birds perished on the trip.
Perry is the free exotic chick.
We think Perry is a Silver Polish.
See if you can find him...(he kind of sticks out)
and is the only one with a name(since we don't name the ones who will
be going to Camp Deep Freezer) though we don't know if Perry is a he or a she.
I thought maybe the name "Pat" would be good, but my son didn't get it
and never watched Saturday Night Live.
They are fun and fascinating to watch and they
will live a fabulous life here prior to departing for
Camp Deep Freezer.
More to come...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

How an egg gets fertilized ~ according to my 9 year old

We made it through the crazy storms that ripped through
Massachusetts yesterday.
I am a Central Mass girl, born and raised.  So scary to see so many communities hit and not knowing if friends or relatives were in the path. 

I don't know how you mid-western chicks do it...nerves of steel must be.

Anywho, we are sitting on pins and needles waiting for our first batch of chicks to arrive in the next 5-8 days.  My 9 year old and I had a conversation.

He thinks we need a rooster.

I explained that they are loud, can be mean and aggressive and we will order our chicks rather than hatch them.

He explained that we can save money if we have a rooster fertilize the eggs, those were pretty much his exact words. 

Curious to see how much he understood about animal husbandry, I asked him how the rooster fertilizes an egg.

He piped right up and said, "the rooster poops on the egg."

I was not sure how to interpret this so I dove a little deeper, he was more than willing to explain further, he "figured it out" as he explained to me.

He said that rather than use the rooster poop just to "fertilize the garden", we could use some of that good poop to "fertilize the eggs too".

Kind of reminds me of when my oldest thought he could nurse his brother when he was a baby after he drank a glass of milk.

Good times and a little thankful for the little bit of innocence my 9 year old still has.  It will be gone all too soon.

Curse you Blogger!

For the past few weeks I have been having all kinds of problems with blogger.  There are blogs I can comment on and then blogs that I can't.  I have also been told that people have tried to comment on my blog but for some reason they can't.  Blogger says they are working on it...have been working on it for weeks. 

In the words of Fantastic Mr. Fox... the cuss you are! 

Blogger, let's git 'er done and git it fixed!