Thursday, June 16, 2011

A question of guilt...

So...My sister has a really nice camera that replaced her other really nice camera. I know there has been much ado in the blog world about what kind of camera a blogger should use to have blog cred. I would like to just take nicer pictures in general, I digress, back to topic..

My sister has no kids and does really well for herself, hence the numerous camera purchases. She said her 'old' camera was just sitting in her closet. I asked if I could borrow it. Being the great(wicked awesome) sister she is, she said 'sure'.

She brought me the camera tonight and told me I could have it! So nice, so generous. I felt compelled to tell her why I wanted it, I really wanted it to get better pictures for my blog.

"A blog?" She asked.

"Yes, I started a blog. I like to write and want to stretch my writing legs a little and dabble in photography to see if I can get some good pictures on my blog." I explained

"I have nine followers of my blog(thank you, thank you, thank you!)" I further explained.

"Can I follow your blog?" she asked.
(insert guilt and foot in mouth here...)
"No." I said.

I tried to explain but her feelings seemed to be hurt, I could tell.
I explained that I am anonymous in the blog world and that gives me the freedom to write smart stuff, funny stuff, serious stuff and the occasional stuff that isn't so great and just gets crickets. But I further tried to explain that being anonymous gives me the opportunity to say and try different things on my blog and none of you are going to look at me any different cause I'm not going to see you at the baseball field, grocery store or my next family gathering.

I am curious what you all think, anonymous bloggers or not. I told my sister after I get this blog thing down a little better I will let her know. Now the more I think about it, the guiltier I feel(yes that is the Catholic girl talkin')
Give it to me straight, I can take it. What da'ya think?


Anonymous said...

My mom and my sister and friend I work with and see everyday all read my blog. Im glad for the followers but I also feel I have to watch what I write. I have to censor myself somewhat or have to do some explaining for what may have just been a fleeting bad mood. I have to post as anonymus cause blogger wont let me post under my blogging name.

Dena from The Blooming Cottage

Scribe said...

I am anonymous... but not really... too many people know who I am... but for the most part, my family does not read my blog, nor do my co-workers... they don't know about my wild side, lol.

I'm sure you will love your camera! I have always dreamed of having a Canon Rebel SLR one day... that is my DREAM camera... but that will have to be for another day and another time.

Can't wait to see your chick-a-dees with photographed with your new toy!!!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

I think it is easier to write when you don't "really" know the reader....however, my whole family reads my blog...even in-laws. You get used to it. It does make you censor more, but that is okay...that is what a personal journal is for. Ultimately you have to do what feels best for you.

Denise said...

Wow, what a coincidence...this post is very similar to a post I made today on my blog. What to do, indeed! I love that no one I know personally reads my blog, I find it very liberating. My husband wants me to send him a link....and I'm going to think about it...but I probably will send it to him as he knows practically everything I'm thinking anyway because I tend to talk...a lot. But as far as my friends and the rest of my's a secret.

Theresa said...

lol. I found this blog at JUST the right time because I just made a snarky comment to my husband and am feeling guilty about it!

I started my blog anonymously as a writing exercise, too. Because I love to write. It has been quite a journey and I don't think I am all that anonymous anymore. I am definitely part of a whole community of bloggers at this point.

There are times when I regret sharing the blog with family because then I can not vent :( But for the most part, I like that my family reads the blog.

I would say get your feet wet, take your time and see where this leads. It could lead to some great places that you want to share or this could be the place where we all vent (I am following you now--so you are at double digits!!)

lvankuiken said...

When I started blogging it was to keep friends and family updated on my family's daily shenanigans but it's has morphed into something else along the way. I have mixed feelings about the family and friends reading it - I'm partly proud, because so many of them brag about it which, naturally, makes me feel great! But I do lose out on a LOT of great blog material!

Congrats on the "new" camera, by the way!

Technodoll said...

My friends and family follow my blog so unfortunately, I cannot say everything I think and feel in there... have to censor and censor some more. Pisses me off some days, but most days it's ok. I guess. :-)