Friday, June 10, 2011

on being wicked...

I am not literally wicked, but being from Massachusetts, a lot of things are wicked.
Things can often be...
Wicked cool
Wicked hot
Sometimes I am wicked tired.
When I was in high school things were wicked awesome.
If you want to find news, you can google Wicked Local for local Massachusetts news.
and..sometimes things are just plain wicked.

Today I find myself being wicked sarcastic.
(sahcasitic really if we are being true to my MA accent..and I have a wicked MA accent)
and a shot of Fenway from right field for some Massachusettes ambiance.

Anywho...Tim the Toolman informed me that his mother is staying with us yet again for another weekend.  Please note that she just stayed with us last weekend. 
I do love her, she did give birth to my husband.
However sometimes these weekend visits can be a little much.  I'm not sure if you all know this, but my mother in law actually knows EVERYTHING.  No joke, she totally knows everything.  Even things she has no business knowing, she knows.
So I said to my husband, "That is GrEaT that your mom will be here! It is soooo SuPeR helpful since she knows EVERYTHING!"
She just arrived... It is going to be a wicked long weekend.


Scribe said...

Funny... i was just thinking that I need to read the book Wicked... and see the show... and buy the iTunes... because I'm obsessed with a song from it... (Defying Gravity)....

Wicked Cool!

Stitchfork said...

My sympathies and she may be related to my MIL. I have a coffe mug that says 'wicked tired' if you need to borrow it!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

oh, you made me laugh! I can never hear "wicked cool" without thinking of that SNL skit!

the cake chick said...

Thanks for the wicked comments(I couldn't resist). Scribe, I loved Wicked. If you ever have the chance, it was a great show. I listen to the soundtrack all the time. Stitchfork, I need that mug! and Suzette, so happy to make you laugh since your blog always brings a smile to my face.

Technodoll said...

aaannd... your blog is wicked!

thanks for linking it in your last comment on my blog, cuz i'll be back to read you on a regular basis!! :-)