Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A chick story... in the beginning

The email came Sunday morning from McMurray Hatchery... our chicks had hatched and were on the way!
PC(my 9 year old who is now referred to as Pappa Chick) was ready for the call.
At 6:11am the phone rang.
It was Betsy from the Post Office... "you have a lively bunch of chicks here."
I could hear the peeps on the other end.
I ran into PC's room, he jumped out of bed, eyes still closed.
he threw on his clothes ran down stars and hopped in the car.
We are only a couple miles from the Post Office.  We made it
there and back home by 6:28am.
PC went  to school late so he could help get them drinking water and eating.  We also took some time to name and identify our exotic chick Perry, the Silver Polish, who sometimes is referred to as a Silver Irish by PC because he gets mixed up as PC is both a little Irish and Polish.

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lvankuiken said...

Oh my goodness - they are so cute! Perry is adorable (he DOES kind of stick out, lol!) So exciting!