Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oops I did it again...

Sometimes, I don't do the brightest things.
In my defense, it has been a crazy week(hence my absence from  blogging and commenting)
Anywho, my boys finally got out of school this week.  To confuse me in an already crazy week, my boys each had a different last day of school.  This is important(trust me).
My oldest has been scheduled to work as a den guide at a Boy Scout Camp.  Very exciting for him, he is 13 and this is his first job like this, even though it is a volunteer job(ya gotta start somewhere).
I have had it programed in my head that the day after the last day of school he was going to camp.
I sit and look at my calendar all day. It has been on the calendar forever.
Well school in our town officially ended on Wednesday, because my oldest is at the High School for the first year, we are new to the final exam schedule and that the last day of school is for make ups so,
if you didn't miss a final you don't have to go.
Now, my trusty husband has been under the weather with a bum wing, having surgery about 4 weeks ago.  He is just starting to drive and still not feeling great.  I kept telling him that the oldest was going to camp the day after school got out. My husband took that as he was going to the camp on Wednesday since he didn't have school on Wednesday.  Ya see where I'm going with this right?
Well as stated, I haven't really been on my game this chicks...hungry meat birds...cub scouts.. work crap...end of year gifts for people...late to bed every night(way too late).

It wasn't until they had been gone 45 minutes into their 1 hour and 15 minute drive that I realized as I was looking at my calender...Thursday...Camp...Thursday...Camp. What the fire truck I said VERY loud! As it dawned on me that the day was Wednesday and they were a day early!

I tried calling my husband...not answering, no surprise, he was driving with a bum wing.  Finally a call back from the boy "what mom?" I just laid it on the line and knew that they had a good 45 minute ride back to get it off their chest to each other how they felt about the situation.  I think they were pretty much done, shall we say 'verbalizing' how they felt when they finally got home...and bright side... last minute boy was ready and packed a day early.

So, cut to today...the boy kept asking me if I was right today and today was the day...
what can I say...sometimes I am just not the brightest bulb. 


Stitchfork said...

That was just a practice run! Happy I did find you here!
xo Cathy

Mommie Dearest Strikes Again said...

Don't feel bad - I think we've al had days and weeks like that! I have shown up for doctor and dentist appointments on the wrong day before!

My son is doing a similar thing (volunteering as a counselor assistant at church camp) and he loves it. Don't don't get paid in money but in experience. Hope he has a great time!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

What the firetruck!! Ha Ha Ha!!!

Scribe said...

My oldest just turned 13... they've been out of school for a few weeks... and go back in six! GAH!

Nicole said...

Ack! If it makes you feel better, every single time we get in the car to go someplace other than, say, school or the grocery store, my kids ask if I'm SURE I know where I'm going. This from the many times I've been lost and pulled off to the side of the road crying.

Technodoll said...

Awe, we all have days like this! Something funny to rehash at dinner parties, LOL ;-)