Thursday, June 2, 2011

How an egg gets fertilized ~ according to my 9 year old

We made it through the crazy storms that ripped through
Massachusetts yesterday.
I am a Central Mass girl, born and raised.  So scary to see so many communities hit and not knowing if friends or relatives were in the path. 

I don't know how you mid-western chicks do it...nerves of steel must be.

Anywho, we are sitting on pins and needles waiting for our first batch of chicks to arrive in the next 5-8 days.  My 9 year old and I had a conversation.

He thinks we need a rooster.

I explained that they are loud, can be mean and aggressive and we will order our chicks rather than hatch them.

He explained that we can save money if we have a rooster fertilize the eggs, those were pretty much his exact words. 

Curious to see how much he understood about animal husbandry, I asked him how the rooster fertilizes an egg.

He piped right up and said, "the rooster poops on the egg."

I was not sure how to interpret this so I dove a little deeper, he was more than willing to explain further, he "figured it out" as he explained to me.

He said that rather than use the rooster poop just to "fertilize the garden", we could use some of that good poop to "fertilize the eggs too".

Kind of reminds me of when my oldest thought he could nurse his brother when he was a baby after he drank a glass of milk.

Good times and a little thankful for the little bit of innocence my 9 year old still has.  It will be gone all too soon.

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