Friday, July 29, 2011

Staycation Vacation Bucket List

For too many reasons to name, it is a staycation for us this year.  I can't remember the last time we stayed home on summer vacation.  My oldest son will be away so there will only be 3 of us home...Here is my vacation bucket list.  I plan on before and after pictures at some point, I guess to make myself feel better about what I accomplish(I know that may be borderline pathetic...just work with me people)

1. Have breakfast at Carl's Dinner. (when you see the pictures you will understand why)
2. Clean my scrapbook area and actually scrapbook.(when you see the pictures you will see why it is impossible for me to get any scrapbooking done)
3. Clean out my kitchen closet(again the pictures will speak for themselves, it isn't pretty)
4. We have sworn off movies to save some cash. There is a theater that costs $5 a person.  Who can pass that up? We will be going to Pirates of the Caribbean.
5. Help my youngest pack his footlocker for his first week at away scout camp.
6. Bring our meat birds to the butcher(their bucket list to follow)
7. Walk my dog everyday, the good long walk, not the short one that I have been doing(total slacker I am)
8. Try not to make a fool of myself when I meet Tillie and her owner tomorrow.
9. Sit by my pool for a minimum of 1 hour a day to read or relax(no talking on the phone or txting)
10. Finish Eat, Pray, Love(I have been so slow with this one)
11. Take my youngest to check out archery lessons(I think he might have some talent for it and he has passion for it...worth exploring)
12. Go somewhere and do something we have never done before.

We will see how it all goes...stayed tuned!


Reality Jayne said...

Sounds like a good list...I love Staycations.
BTW...i put you on my sidebar....thx for visiting my blog...
I cant wait till you tell us about Tillie

The Frat Pack + Me said...

I am going to join you for 2, 7, 9, + 12!

Janie Fox said...

I need some pool time. I am going to do it this week!