Monday, March 4, 2013

Lent and Crack...

Sometimes as a Catholic I feel I live a double life.
Don't worry, I'm not out there hitting the crack pipe or anything crazy like that.

I grew up Catholic but, we were a little laissez faire at times(which I still am).
I think it is a little crazy.  I teach Sunday school. I think to myself sometimes that I am the last person who should be educatin' these kids as to the ways of our religion.

I didn't believe in God for a very long time.
I still struggle with my beliefs... there I said it!

Anywho, I discussed with my Sunday school class before lent began what we should give up.  They are fifth graders and came up with totally lame ideas, things that really weren't a sacrifice.  

I tried to give them an example of what I might give up, but I hadn't really worked that out yet.  Truth be told I don't always give something up for lent.  I try to use it as a reminder to be a better person, ya know... a little less biotchy.  Believe me I can always use some reminding of that.

I started thinking out loud to my class...hmm...what would really be a sacrifice.  I thought about shopping and didn't need to think much longer about what I needed to give up...
do you know of it?  It is a little paradise of products.
creams, lotions, polish, body wash, lip gloss...
I was dropping some serious cash there on a regular basis.
So I gave it up and gave it up good.  
I did go in there today to purchase conditioner, which was a necessity purchase
and exempt(I believe) from my Lenten sacrifice.

Then came the Crack...

yes, as the label says, it is a habit forming hair fix.  
There you have it.  I went from conditioner to Crack and I am trying 
to reign myself in at this point.  
My hairdresser used this stuff on my hair and I couldn't believe it. It held 
a style with minimal spray. It made my hair feel and look so good. 
I had to have it.  So I got it. Now I have some 'splainin to do.

I started talking to myself, as I usually do...
I guess I am just not the good Catholic I play on Sundays.
I still eat meat on Fridays I reminded myself.
Who do I really think I am?

I was then reminded of an incident when I was a kid.  No self-respecting Catholic would be short a good childhood story.  I think maybe this was the beginning for me
not taking lent as serious as I should.
Who remembers this?
ah yes Boo Berry... As a kid of the 1970's I lived on this stuff.
Especially on Friday nights during lent when it was either fish sticks or cereal.
Well, one ill-fated Friday evening during lent was
big doings for my small town.
An ice arena was opening that night and classes were starting.
We ate quick and got over to the arena.
All the kids were waiting off the ice to be called to their class.
As I was called, I guess I was nervous.  I stepped on
the ice and no sooner did my blade hit the ice but so did my dinner.
Yes, purple Boo Berry cereal all over the ice.
I was mortified.
 To this day do not believe
in cereal for dinner.
As for lent...there's always next year.

(I have not been paid to mention my shopping addiction to Sephora, 
my recent addiction to crack 
nor have I or will I seek recovery 
from the makers of BooBerry for the trauma experience those many years ago on the ice)

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