Wednesday, April 17, 2013

my heavy heart...

Our city and our people were rocked on Monday, Patriot's Day by an unspeakable act.  It is so surreal. Growing up an hour out of Boston, there are just some things that are of those being the Boston Marathon.  We saw the pictures, scrambled to check in with people we know who run or watch the marathon every year.  Everyone I know is alright but we are not alright.  In the past day I have been in disbelief, sadness and now I am just mad.  Who the fuck did this? Children dead or maimed.  Adults dead or maimed.  There is no way to make sense.  I pray for those injured.  The responders, the spectators. The horrors they saw and will live with.  I just don't know.

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Bee Lady said...

I was just thinking this morning how it seems like the value of life in our country seems to have gone downhill. People just don't care about each other like they used to. I'm glad they caught the people that did this. I haven't been watching the news lately. Too much bad stuff. I'm glad your friends are all ok. I hope you can find a way to heal your heart.

Cindy Bee