Friday, May 13, 2011

Dukan Update ~

The past week I have been battling allergies and bad! This month is just a bad month for me with all of the trees blooming here in MA.  Feeling so bad, sometimes a girl just wants a little comfort food and not protein and vegetables.  In the past week I have been keeping it light and watching what I have been eating and ya know what?  I keep loosing weight and not craving sugar.  I think the 2 weeks of no sugar kind of detoxed me.  I am just trying to eat 'clean' and it seems to be working without too much work on my part.  I am down 14.5 lbs!!!!  My plan at this point is to stay off the sugar and processed food.  I will keep this up for as long as it works.  Once I plateau, I will hit the Dukan Diet again. 


a1axelady said...

My allergies have been acting up also. I had to have an EKG on Thursday and every where I had one of those little sticky things I now have an itchy rash. I think its the adhesive. I also woke up with one eyelid all swollen and nasty looking. Yeah I feel so pretty! Good job on the weight loss so far. :)

Janie Fox said...

I was off sugar then went on a trip and fel off the wagon.I have been crazed for 2 weeks! I am back to having night sweats and not sleeping...Guess what...I am getting back on the no sugar wagon! I feel better and I want to lose more weight and I will not while eating sugar! Sugar makes me crazy and I eat nothing healthy if I eat it! Seriously cheesecake for lunch???