Monday, May 16, 2011

I survived...

So, I may not have survived cancer or a natural disaster this past weekend, 

but I did survive tent camping with ten boys under the age of 10and their fathers.
On top of that, tent camping in New England in May is... 
shall we say... a crap shoot.
It can be really hot or it can be really cold, oh and rainy too.
We got the later with pouring rain and cold.  
As I checked the weather and my Facebook page from my Blackberry 
at 11:30pm after the rain began, I did get some "tehehehe's" from my chick friends 
who thought I was crazy to go on the camp out.  

I went for one reason... this guy

who in this picture is fishing with 
an old school fishing pole of a stick and line, 
just because it is cool to kick it
old school from time to time...

This guy doesn't seem to think about, or care that I am a chick.  
He had the choice of me or his dad and
he picked the chick.  
Now his dad is about as "outdoorsy" as they come, but me and my boys do have
a bond with scouting.  
So... when all the dads were packing up with their boys for the big camping weekend,
there I went.  
Granted, being a tomboy growing up and spending lots of time camping helped.  
I also made a promise to myself that I would not be the 
"token chick" and get stuck doing chick stuff.  
I did not prepare one ounce of food and did not clean any dishes.  
So, even though the temp dropped and the skies opened up at night, it was a great weekend that I will remember for more than just what we did, but how it gave me a better understanding for how my son sees me in this world...


The Frat Pack + Me said...

Wow! You are an awesome mom! What a lucky son you have!

Stitchfork said...

Love this post as a fellow mom of all boys!

Janie Fox said...

you are cool. I am not much of a camper...more of a pamper-er. Luckily, I had girls ...ethey are all about the pedi and mani!

lvankuiken said...

Wow - good for you! It's amazing what us moms-of-boys will put up with for our little loves, isn't it?