Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blue and Gold

It is that time of year again for me.  It is Blue and Gold time aka banquet for
Cub Scouts and the boys moving up to Boy Scouts. 
I am a Cubmaster of our pack, yes it has taken me a few years to say
'I am a Cubmaster' with a
straight face.  My friends totally bust me for it,
but hey someone had to do it and I was tired of
it being done sub par.

We have a HUGE pack.  There are 84 boys and organizing 84 boys and families can be exhausting.
Thankfully we have a really good team in place that works really hard, but when things go bad
everyone always looks to the leadership.  So much to do to get ready but my big job is the cake. 
We have about 200 people in attendance so that is a lot of cake.

Last year I had a clear vision and was happy how I executed it.  I had just gotten back from vacation and had 2 days to put it together.  On top of that my MIL was here and y'all know how that can put me over the edge.

This is what I made last year:

It was all chocolate. I smelled like chocolate cake for days.  I couldn't get the smell out of my hair. 
I need to start baking tomorrow night.  I have so much to do, with just a sketch and 'kind of a vision' for the cake for this year.  I am nervous...


WhisperingWriter said...

Oo I LOVE that cake. Great job.

Janie Fox said...

Wow that was a great cake. I love cake. Oh dang you now I am thinking of cake. 200 people...that is a wedding party!