Sunday, February 5, 2012

No yo soy fiesta...

I am no party... I am sad.
My Patriots lost.  And when I say they lost, I mean they lost. No bad calls, just bad plays and missed opportunities.
I will not dwell... I am a New Englander.  We roll with it and deal. 

This is my Super Bowl as I wish to remember it:

- I wore my Gronkowski shirt all day and loved it!
- My 9 year old actually watched some of the game with us.
- My mom, dad and sister joined us for a pregame feast of steaks, roasted potatoes and blue cheese wedge salads.
- My sister made hoodie cup cakes. They looked so good and tasted so good too.

- The Doritos commercial with the dog with the note "You didn't see nuthin" was my favorite. Though the "Here we go" Bud and the Ferris Bueller commercials ran a close second.
- I will not be a hater, Madonna rocked the half time show!
- The Patriots lost because they lost. The safety, Welker's missed reception, 57 seconds left and 2 incomplete passes.  WTF you can't win with that.

It was a fun season.  I love the Patriots and watching all of the games.  Truth be told, unless my Pat's are in the super bowl I don't watch it, could really care less about it.  Until next year boys!

I have a good buzz...time for nun nights and to dream happy thoughts...


Anonymous said...

Those cookies are adorable.

I liked the clint Eastwood commercial and the Ferris Bueller commercial. Everyone keeps talking about the doritos commercial, but I must have missed it.

Nicole said...

So very sad! But hoodie cupcakes are the greatest cupcakes ever!