Wednesday, January 23, 2013

really, it's you, not me...

I have a friend.
We run a cub scout pack together. It is a big pack, 80 boys. It is a lot of work.
You may think this volunteer job would be very glamorous.  

I hate to break it to you, it is not.

My relationship with my friend who I do this crazy work with has developed and evolved. It has been good and it has been not so good. Now enter a few glasses of wine, and here I find myself at my computer ready to let it rip.  At first I was not going to.  Then I was reminded by a very special blogger that this is my space.  I have some shit to yak about and I'm gonna yak.

I am done with cub scouts in a week.(yippeee...tear...happy dance...tissues...tears...bigger happy dance)
I want to go out like a lamb, so to speak, as I did come in like a lion 5 years ago.  Back then it was a different time and the lion was needed to get the program running, solvent and on to the business of teaching boys to be scouts.  Now things run smoothly for the most part.

In the past years working with my friend, she has made good decisions and not such good decisions.  When the bad decisions came, there was clean up to be done, which I would do.  Whatever... 

It hasn't necessarily been the bad decisions but her actions around them.  She avoids, is suddenly too busy to even pick up the phone.  Fucking Really? is about all I have to say.

Here we are one more week to go and she makes a banner decision.  I am in charge of the pack, she is the assistant.  She 'goes rougue' making a very dumb decision.  The person taking my place agrees she has eff'ed up.  Whatever... I want to fix the problem, not dwell on it and she can't even pick up the eff'ing phone to try to problem solve and fix.  On top of it, I work full time.  She is a stay home mom with 2 kids in school.  I make time for her if I am working or home at night.  Now, she can't even find a minute.  

Bitches these days is 'bout all I can say.... 


Nicole said...

Gah, volunteer positions can be tricky. I had a coordinator at our school go rogue. It was a big, and also ridiculous, mess.

Hey, you're back! Too bad about the Patriots, hey?

Bee Lady said...

What is it with people now a days....I have a friend that I've been friends with since high school. I've called and texted her. She does this now and then...she won't return calls for a month or so, then all of a sudden she comes around like she's never been gone. It bothers me.

Cindy Bee