Sunday, April 24, 2011

It was the best of times it was...

the Sunday night and the end of school vacation week.  I do love my boys, don't get me wrong, but a girl needs some SPACE!  I love it when my boys are on vacation, it means I get to sleep late(yippee!) Working from home, I don't have to start until 8:15.  When you work from home, you don't even need to brush your teeth (if you are really tight on time) before you log on to start the day.  The only person in my office is Ginger(my dog) and she doesn't mind, as long as I keep the milk bones a commin'.  When school is in, that  means up at the ungodly time of 5:50am.  I took Thursday and Friday off last week and took my boys into Boston. We had a great time, cannolis from Mike's in the North End, a ride on the swan boats, tour of the state house.  We even got to go to the 30th floor of the Custom House to see the Peregrine Falcon that nests there sitting on her 4 eggs(hello to my second latest addiction, web cams of birds, I swear that web cam of those eagles is like crack to me!  I just can't get off of it.  Now I have a new addiction as we watch for the falcon chicks to hatch in the next few weeks.) Again, great trip into beantown, but no escape/break from my boys.  Did not really feel like the mini vacation I was hoping for.  To top things of, though I work from home, my main office is in Boston, of which we had a view of out of our hotel window, again not exactly the break from work I was hoping for.  Cut to today. At my mom and dad's for a nice Easter dinner with the fam.  My sister asked(maybe because she knew not to assume) if I wanted to sit with my boys at one table or with the adults at the other table.  Oh surprise, surprise, I said "No I don't want to sit with the boys." I believe I was getting ready to accept the bad mother of the year nomination and ya know what?  I don't really care!  I was with them 24-7 for the past 3 days and now they are all hopped up on Easter candy and the endless supply of Mountain Dew my mother supplies to them on holidays, you bet your ass I don't want to sit with them!  Now it is 10pm and they have crashed hard after winding down with a little Swamp People I had on the DVR(I can't get me enough of them Swamp People).  They will be totally Jonsing for some chocolate tomorrow and I say good luck to that... Mommy is starting the Dukan diet tomorrow and she is cleaning house!  Nite, nite time for me...5:50am comes too quick for this tired chick.


Reality Jayne said...

Yes...Swamp People are intriguing.
I have a strong liking for arm wrestling champ/aligator hunter......R.J.
What does this mean ...?
I also have a crush on Mike from American Pickers.......i have no life....sigh

the cake chick said...

Yes! American Pickers, totally love Mike! Especially when he finds a nice leather jacket to try on... What does this mean?

As for RJ... is it the pony tail? I don't know but he is a big POW in a little package. I am very partial to Troy. I don't know what it is about him and he has had such a rough start to the season. So down on his luck.

Tonight is big night for TV at my house with Glee and Raising Hope. My 13 year old son and I are hooked on 2 shows, though he was grounded from watching Glee after he got the bright idea to butter the floor at his school for April Fool's day. He was so surprised when they didn't think it was funny.