Thursday, December 8, 2011

Get Schooled...Nun Style

One of our Christmas traditions is to go and see a show.
We have done A Christmas Carol and we've done the Nutcracker.
This year we tried something new.
We went to see Sister's Christmas Catechism.
It was a riot!
We took my mother in law and boys and we all had a blast.

Sister dresses audience members up for a manger scene.
The lamb has a toilet bowl cover on it's head.
The house lights stay on and there is a ton of audience interaction. 
I didn't go to Catholic school, but our church had Sister Ruth. 
She ran our CCD program for our church.
She ran a very tight ship and she stood all of 5' and weighed maybe 100lbs wet.
You did not ever cross her! I hadn't thought of her or the 
other nuns who worked at our church in a long time since I moved away from there.
It was fun remembering.

It was a great time and the show gets thumbs up from us.


Reality Jayne said...

I remember CCD...It was on Sat. Mornings in the

Reality Jayne said...


Bee Lady said...

What a fun show. I love traditions.

Cindy Bee

rugosarosefarm said...

Sounds like a blast! I did go to Catholic school. We had Sister Thomas Richard. She taught penmanship with a stern hand. My penmanship is beautiful because of her. Get compliments all the time. :)