Friday, December 9, 2011

da bomb...but not in a good way.

We interrupt this joyous of all seasons for not one, but two bomb threats at my son's high school.
What the fire truck people?!!
The high school was shut down and searched yesterday by Central MA 
and State Police Bomb squads. 
The building was cleared but students were ordered to return to school with just themselves, 
no bags, backpacks, purses...
We thought good thing that was resolved since there is a play tonight.  
My son is behind the scenes tech guy working the lights and soundboard.
I was out for a sick day, trying to get over the typhoid my mother in law left in her 
wake from her visit last weekend.  
I took an afternoon nap, got up to shower and get ready to go to the play 
and my oldest was home.  He was supposed to be at school getting ready for the play.  
No such luck, there was another bomb threat!  
The High School was evacuated. 
They bussed the high schoolers to the Intermediate School where my youngest was.  
Then the Intermediate School was locked down. 
All the kids had to stay in their rooms while bomb sniffing dogs searched their school also.
Should dinner time discussion with your 9 year old include having
his locker and school searched by bomb squads with dogs?

Now I live in a small big city crime here. Just the usual small town stuff.
This is all days after Rachel's Challenge was presented at all of the schools 
in our town and in the wake of another shooting at Virginia Tech. 

Now we await for the rescheduling of the play and have our fingers crossed that whoever this really disturbed kid is, is found and helped before they really hurt someone.
I am convinced more and more that it 
really does take a village.


Kelly said...

Sorry that the play ws postponed. People just have way too much time on their hands. Hope you feel better soon.

Nicole said...

Oh, how awful! I'm sorry to hear this.

Reality Jayne said...

No morals left ...It is gonna take a village to get "it" back. Sorry for your kids school experience being derailed by crazies

Theresa said...

I am so sorry to hear this.

Stitchfork said...

hopefully everything will be calm and bright again soon!
xo Cathy

seagrrlz said...

My GF works in an office building that contains the Provincial Courts(we are in canada, eh). Last December someone called in a bomb threat for 3 or 4 days in a row. Apparently someone didn't want to go to jail for Christmas.

Reality Jayne said...

Hope u are ok