Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck...

This is a Christmas tree...
It is not a holiday tree or a holiday bush or any other ridiculous names
the PC try to come up with.

Would we call a Menorah anything but what it is?
I see many communities who display Menorahs right along with 
Christmas trees.  I don't hear an
outcry to call them Holiday Candles.
Right along Christmas trees and Menorahs I have seen communities display
a Kinara for Kwanzaa.  
Now here is a conundrum for the PC...
if we change a Menorah to Holiday candles, what would we then call or how would 
we distinguish it from the Kinara?

and right there is the crux of the problem and my issue with it all.
How can we take all of these fabulous 'flavors' and dumb them all down to vanilla?
We are all different.  I am not offended by people who do not believe in my
Christmas tree and all it represents to me.  Just as I am not
offended by seeing the beautiful lights on a Menorah or Kinara.
Who does anyone think they are to minimize what these symbols stand
for to the people who believe in them and change their names to silly and ridiculous names.
Bottom line is, it's a duck!


Bee Lady said...


Cindy Bee

Nicole said...

Your tree is lovely!!!

Theresa said...

Ha! I love it! I say "Merry Christmas" and I refuse to say "Happy Holidays" the whole thing annoys me to no end!