Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bake at 105 degress for 90 minutes...

Ok...this isn't a new recipe.  It is about Bikram yoga.
Yes, believe what you hear if you haven't tried it.
It is a most sadistic practice(I think, but my opinion about it changes moment to moment)
It is 90 minutes of 26 yoga poses in 105 degress and 50% humidity. 
By the way, did I mention I hate the heat?
I signed up for a 2 week unlimited membership for $20.  I started this past Saturday.
I figured, it was $20 no big deal if I didn't like it.  Then 10 minutes into my first class
I couldn't believe I spent $20 on it since there was NO WAY I would be back.
My first 90 minutes of Bikram yoga brought me through a gamet of
emotions and physical feelings.
I often thought I would puke.
It did occur that I should run out and don't look back, eff the $20.
But...I actually made it through the class,
mind you only doing about half of the poses and the rest
of the time just trying to get used to the heat and the class.
 I have never sweat so much, I am talking buckets!
Sunday I was toast and did not go to class, but was very surprised when I got out of bed in the morning and my knees and feet did not ache as usual. 
I thought that there might just be something to this.
I went last night, was able to do more and continued to feel better.  Then today I thought that I was actually up for a class again.  Here is the long and short as it has effected me so far...

- I have not craved any junk food or eaten any.

- I usually drink 2(really 4) cups of coffee to get me through the morning. Today I had one and then craved a glass of water!  This is monumental for me! I really can't function without at least 32oz of coffee in the morning.  I also plan old LOVE coffee so for me to stop at one cup is not normal.

- I have not had knee or feet pain in the morning.  I usually hobble around for 10 minutes to work the aches out.

- I think that I would love to go to bed to sleep, but I am not exhuasted.  I can't believe how much energy I have.

- I can't remember the last time I had as much focus to get things done, at work and at home.

- I am happy.  I normally am happy for the most part but there have been a series of lumps and bumps on the road of my life I have taken over the past couple years that have changed me a little.  I feel more like my old self, 'pre lumps and bumps'.

- I am normally a skeptic about everything, even this before I tried it.  I tried it because I felt like I needed a jolt in my life. Something extreme, short of electric shock theraphy.  Well this has been extreme.

- Without even needing to make a concious effort, I go into that hot room and think of nothing but the moment.  I can't remember the last thing that I felt let me leave it all behind to focus on taking care of me.

I will continue to keep you all posted on my progress.  Bikram yoga might not be for you, but I hope you are all able to find that 'thing'.  I forgot how important it is.


Reality Jayne said...

hmmmm..it sounds like a good thing ...I am glad your feeling better

Nicole said...

Ashtanga yoga is my "thing". If anyone had told me ten years ago that I would get up at 4:55 am, every day, to practice yoga, and then feel GOOD, I would not have believed it!

Bee Lady said...

Wow...and I always thought yoga was yoga. I need something.

Cindy Bee