Sunday, September 25, 2011

a lovely weekend in New England...

I had high hopes to do a post about my beloved Pats.  We had a family gathering today to celebrate some birthdays.  When the Patriots are playing that just means double the fun.  We all love football and love to watch it together.  I will save my blog on my family and the Pats on another more joyous day considering the spanking Brady got with 4 interceptions...ouch!

My oldest was off to Block Island for the weekend with scouts.  That left the three of us so we went apple picking.  I am working on my photography skills.  They aren't great but I am learning you just have to keep shooting and get the feel for different settings and lighting.

We went to Stowe Apple Orchard. They have a lot going on there.  Horse rides, mining for gems and arrowheads, hay rides and other fun stuff for the kids.
It has been a late season for apples around here.
We picked Mac's. Just nothing like a Mac right off the tree.
 I love to take pictures like this.  
It confuses some people who think they should be posing for the picture.
Our day's take a bushel of Mac's for $20.
I made apple dumplings when we got home, they were so good.
A post on that to follow. I am thinking of a new
post 'In the kitchen with the chick'.
From now through Spring I cook and bake a lot.
 The leaves are just starting to turn.

My boy had a blast with the corn cannon.

 and mining for arrow heads...

It was a beautiful day.
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.


Stitchfork said...

Great photos and looks like you had fun! My favorite apples are Jonagolds. And I'd love a try at shooting that corn!
xo Cathy

Reality Jayne said...

i love fall....

Bee Lady said...

I just bought a peck of mutsu(?) apples from a local orchard. YUM. Nothing like apples right from the orchard! I want that stone building on my property. Think they'd move it?

Cindy Bee

Mommie Dearest Strikes Again said...

I love your apple tree photos - that's not something we get to see here in Florida! Those Macs look delicious. It looks like you had a fun fall weekend!

Janie Fox said...

That looks like fun. I love fall. I was just weekend, pumpkin patch with the grands!

Boho Farm and Home said...

Your pictures look great! Apple picking sounds just dreamy...I have them best childhood memories of apple picking, pumpkin patches and cider mills...sigh...Happy Monday!

Nicole said...

Mac apples are my favourite. I have twenty pounds of them in my cold storage right now!

Thank you for your comment about my son's struggles with fine motor skills. It really meant a lot and helped me. Thank you.