Tuesday, October 4, 2011

43 things I think about today...

1. I have always thought the date 10/4 was cool like, cop lingo.

2. I married a cop.

3. I was once stopped at the Canadian boarder with my friend.  Our birthdays are both 10/4.  When we were both asked our date of birth the agents at first looked like they didn't believe us.

4. When I was 15 I met the girl who was born to the woman my mom shared a room with in the hospital when we were born.

5. Buster Keeton was born today. He was a silent film star.

6. When I went to California when I was 9 we saw a silent film starring Buster Keeton. I thought it was kismet.

7. I didn't know the actual word for it was kismet till I was much older.

8. I married a man from a family of 6 kids, all born in October.

9. My husband was born on the same day as his sister 12 years apart.

10. I am not overly religious, but I believe it when children say they see Mary.

11. My grandfather died the day after my birthday when I turned 5.

12. I remember I got a Scobby Due projector and a cash register that year.

13. I wonder what my grandfather would think of me today.

14. I remember that I was 5 and my sister was 8 and we stayed out in the car during the wake for my grandfather. 

15. I remember after the wake writing a letter to my grandfather and truly believing that god would give him my letter.  The faith of a child can be so pure.

16. My family celebrates every one's birthdays.  We have a nice dinner, cake and presents.  It is with my aunts and uncles and cousins.  I know how lucky I am to have that.

17. I might rant and rave about my MIL but I do love her.  I just wish she would be a little nicer.

18. I always get the rose on the cake. ALWAYS!

19. I sometimes feel that my life is surreal working from home. I have struggled with that a lot.

20. I am starting to embrace my surreal life more than ever before.

21. I made very bad choices when I was a teenager. I am forever thankful that those choices didn't prevent me from making it to today.

22. When I was a teen, I colored my hair, spiked it, shaved half of my head.

23. You would NEVER know that if you met me today.

24. My kids don't know of my 'punk' days.

25. My punk days have caught up with me.

26. My son wants to dye his hair blue.

27. How do I say no?

28. I don't know what I was thinking when I titled this blog 43 things...

29. 43 things is a lot.

30. I wish I was better remembering anniversaries and birthdays.  I am terrible at that.

31. My favorite song is A Little Less Conversation.

32. I have learned that I don't always have to say yes.

33. I have said 'no' a lot in the past year and it has been a better year than most of the past years.

34. My 9 year old is playing the trumpet.

35. He is proud and I am too, though sometimes it sounds like there is a sick cow moaning from the same room where he is practicing.

36. I wonder where next year will take me.

37. I need a Barnes and Noble intervention.

38. Salted Carmel is my new passion.

39. I wish I could tap dance.

40. I need to get a little more Wimsey in my life.

41. I want to write a book. I need to schedule time every week to write.

42. I want to go to the median my friend went to but I don't really know why.  It really isn't my style.  I think I am more fascinated by the fact that I want to go then actually going.

43. Happy Birthday to me, I am the 43!


Reality Jayne said...

happy birthday....Loved hearing these interesting facts about you.
January was the "it" month in your hub's family.... huh?

Bee Lady said...

Happy 43rd Birthday! I'm guessing it's 43. I never even thought about that "10-4 good buddy" saying for October 4. But I will never forget it now! Hmmm, how do you say no to your son? Just like you said it the other times this year. "NO" Is he living under your roof? That was my parents favorite saying. That one, and the one "you do as I say not as I do." Salted Carmel...mmmm...gonna have to try it. Hope you enjoyed the rose.

Cindy Bee

Mommie Dearest Strikes Again said...

Happy 43rd Birthday!! I loved your 43 things - and I'll bet that was hard! I need a B & N intervention too....Hope you had a great day!

Nicole said...

Happy birthday - ten four good buddy!!!

a1axelady said...

Happy Birthday to you ,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Cake Chick,
Happy Birthday to you.

Arent you glad you cant hear me sing that:)

Stitchfork said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you get lots of salted caramel (also my fav)!
xo Cathy