Monday, October 3, 2011

I hate to say it, but I told you so...

Busy, busy, busy weekend thankfully.
It is the busiest weekend to hit my little town.  Every year, the first Saturday in October our Main Street is closed and we have an Oktoberfest.  There is live music, all kinds of food and vendors(no booze which confuses some as it is called Oktoberfest) It rained a little but as always it was tons of fun.  I made pink cotton candy all day long to benefit our cub scout pack.  We took in $1700.  Not bad for an off and on rainy day.  On a nice day there are as many as 8,000 people who attend.  Again for our little town, that is pretty big.

So any way here is the run of the weekend with my mother in law.
Friday night I went to the theater to see Young Frankenstein.  It was the first show of my 5 show subscription that I have with two of my friends.  I was thinking "what luck" that I would be out Friday night when MIL was here.  My husband sent me a txt message while I was on my GNO. He said, "Mom locked her keys in the car." I responded "tehehehe" he didn't get it (btw it probably took my husband 1 hour to txt me those 7 words.  He isn't so much in the know about tehehehehe and the sort) I know I shouldn't have tehehehe'ed that but I was a bit nerved up for her arrival and weekend stay.

So come to find out that she locked her keys in her car in the town that my husband happens to work as a police officer in.  Does she call her son so he can have a cruiser go help her out??? No, she calls AAA and sits and waits for 2 hours. He told her to cancel AAA and he would have someone from the station go help her, but no she was going to wait for AAA.  You can lead a horse to water...

By the time I got home Friday night everyone is in bed.  By the way did I tell you my MIL sleeps until 9:00 in the morning? Whatever BUT if you are going to park someone in, you might want to leave your keys out.  Yup, she parked me in and I had to wake her up at 7am so I could get to Oktoberfest to help set up. Good times....

I needed to take a mid morning break from making cotton candy so my man and I left Oktoberfest to go and pick her up and bring her to the festivities.  When we got to our house she said she was wondering when we were going to be back for her(I had to bite my tongue since if we came back any earlier she could have still been in bed.  She said she thought she knew what school the festival was at and she was going to take a ride there(mind you she can't find her way out of a paper bag on a good day).  We again explained that Oktoberfest was on Main St, not at a school.  OK... so we are driving and there is a big sing that says, "Main St. Closed take alternate route".  "Hmmm" she says "Why is Main Street closed?" It just keeps getting better...

Sunday was my day.  I had a stack of Barnes and Noble gift cards burning a hole in my pocket.  I was going to my mother ship and I was not bringing my MIL.  My man and boys were going to get corn stalks to decorate outside and she was going with them.  When I got home, my 14 year old was playing Scrabble with my MIL.  My 14 year old is a good kid. He engages her in conversation and could be doing 50 million other things but, played Scrabble with her.  This is how it all went down...

I said, "Did you tell Nana about your trip to Block Island?"
He says, "Nana I went to Block Island last weekend."
Nana says nothing... now as illustrated above, she doesn't always get it so,
I said,"I don't think Nana heard you, speak up and speak clear."
He says again,"Nana I went to Block Island last weekend."
Nana says, "Oh I heard him but I was ignoring him just like he does to me. See you need to give him a taste of his own medicine." She says this like a total crotchety old bag and looking for some type of indication that I agree with her.  I turned away.  It was so mean what she did with such blatant nastiness. If I said one word, I would say a million and I wouldn't have been able to stop.

Now, my boy, yes the one who is 'freakin' 14' has his issues, as do all 14 year old boys.  I could make a list, a really long list but one thing I can say is that he doesn't ignore his Nana or others for that matter.  He is really social and even at 14 loves to chat so, ignoring people just isn't his style.

Now she is a guest in our home.  She has stayed with us for at least 18 weekends in the past year. She stayed with us last Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and after all of that, the biotch comes to my home and acts like that to her 14 year old grandson who really could have been doing a bunch of other things rather than sitting to play the game that his Nana loves to play.

I might sound harsh, but this has been an ongoing thing with her.  Sometimes I can take it and sometimes I can't. She pushed it a little too far this weekend for me.  This is our home and it is, with all it's warts, a happy one.  I really cherish my time and my weekends with my family and I am not going to let someone come here, stay with us and sprinkle their negative nastiness all over it.

(ahhh, I feel so much better getting that off my chest)


Bee Lady said...

Maybe you should have other plans (wink wink) this year for the holidays and let her find something else to do. I have a sister in law that hasn't been invited back to our house for Easter (the holiday I have)since she came an hour late, empty-handed, and told me to fix her a sandwich and a piece of pie to go because no one makes home made food anymore. All while she sat there doing NOTHING.

Cindy Bee

Mommie Dearest Strikes Again said...

Oh no! I think it's admirable that you held your tongue. I think Bee Lady is right - maybe it's time to make other plans for the holidays. Yikes!

Nicole said...

Ohhhh boy. LOVELY. I'm impressed you held your tongue! That's real self control!