Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Fox in the Town...

Not to start off topic, but pictured above is
Pheobe 'Buff'ay our Buff Orpington(formerly known as Buffy)

Now on with the fox...

We have a fox...my brilliant child thought he would fend off fox
attack with a Red Rider BB gun, yes the same kind of bb gun that Ralphie could 
barely shoot his eye out with.

Luckily the fox fled without incident.

We have been letting our girls free range under our supervision.
With hawks, coyotes and now fox we have been worried
about losing a girl or two.

I went to the coop...the girls were expecting their afternoon romp.
I had to explain, "we have a fox in the town".
It just makes me smile when I say that.  When PC was a little guy he
loved the movie The Fox and the Hound but he would call it 
The Fox in the Town. We would always make up jokes and stories about the 
Fox in the Town. Now... not so funny if that fox in this town is going to eat
my girls. I guess a fox in the town is better than a fox in the hen house at this point.

In other news, I have not been absent from to blog world due to an extended bender 
from Friday night...I have been exhausted though due to the owl living in the woods 
behind my house. Sunday night there was a good hour of non stop hooting.
Then last night again but the hooting was interrupted by the squealing death of some animal the owl caught.

It sounded like a rabbit...yes poor Thumper.  I was telling my husband that it was a 
rabbit.  I recognized the sound of the screaming a rabbit makes.  I grew up around a lot of animals, rabbits included. Rabbits scream or squeal when they mate.  
That's a sound you don't forget.
PC asked how I knew it was a rabbit. I explained that the rabbit made a noise that they usually only make on special occasions, he said, "like Christmas?" I said, 
"something like that..."


Nicole said...

Ooooh, not good! Although I love the expression "Fox in the Hen House" I think it's not good, literally! Eeek! Hope all the ladies are okay!

Reality Jayne said...

Hmmmmmm...You have lots of animal activity gong on ...huh?
That rabbit would have to be really "yelping" loudly....They dont seem like they would be "the loud type"

blondie blu said...

What a wonderful, witty, fabulous blog! I found you through comments left on Tilly's Nest. So glad that I did! I will most definitely visit you often. :-) Hope your girls stay safe. xo Helena