Saturday, August 13, 2011

Staycation Bucket List Recap...

1. Have breakfast at Carl's Dinner. (when you see the pictures you will understand why)
We had a massive breakfast at Carl's Dinner.  So good, so old school, love that place. 
PC wanted to eat at the counter.
I could only eat about half of mine and PC filled up pretty quick.  My man had 3 more eggs...
They DO NOT want anyone leaving hungry so they will just keep giving you more food.
2. Clean my scrapbook area and actually scrapbook.(when you see the pictures you will see why it is impossible for me to get any scrapbooking done)
It was too beautiful to be inside, I have tabled this to a fall rainy day.

3. Clean out my kitchen closet(again the pictures will speak for themselves, it isn't pretty)
It was too beautiful to be inside, I have tabled this to a fall rainy day.

4. We have sworn off movies to save some cash. There is a theater that costs $5 a person.  Who can pass that up? We will be going to Pirates of the Caribbean.
Pirates of the Caribbean it was.  Not my favorite of the series but for 3 of us
to go to a movie for a total $9($3 Tuesdays) who can complain? 

5. Help my youngest pack his footlocker for his first week at away scout camp.
 Here he is packed and ready to set up camp...
He had so much fun!

6. Bring our meat birds to the butcher(their bucket list to follow)
As I blogged earlier here, this mission was complete.
Their bucket list was...
eat, eat and then eat. We obliged them. 

7. Walk my dog everyday, the good long walk, not the short one that I have been doing(total slacker I am)
I was still a little bit of a slacker on this one, I am working on it.

8. Try not to make a fool of myself when I meet Tillie and her owner tomorrow.
I only made a fool of myself once, I referred to my love of children's book as "crack, 
I just can't get enough of them." In retrospect I probably could have found a different analogy.

9. Sit by my pool for a minimum of 1 hour a day to read or relax(no talking on the phone or txting)
I totally had this one covered, it was such a beautiful week.

10. Finish Eat, Pray, Love(I have been so slow with this one)
Not done yet, but I am enjoying it. I spent more time catching up on some magazines I had.
Did I tell you that magazines are like crack for me? I just can't get enough of them.
(see I did it again)

11. Take my youngest to check out archery lessons(I think he might have some talent for it and he has passion for it...worth exploring)
We both decided to table this to the fall/winter.  
We were enjoying the outside too much to spend a day inside.

12. Go somewhere and do something we have never done before.
It was very hot!  We went with  good friends so that was fun.  PC had fun too but,
- It cost $5 for one chance to play a game.
- It cost me an PC $23 for two plates of chicken strips and fries(no drink included)!
- The bathrooms were nasty!
- On top of paying $50 per person to get in, they charge $15 to park!
A very nice employee told me to bring PC to the paintball area rather than waste $5 on one chance to shoot at some targets. She said no one ever wins.  PC was very happy to just shoot at some targets for fun.  Forty paint balls cost $6. I could live with that.
I am glad we went, PC had wanted to go so badly but we won't be going back.


Jayme said...

You totally 'crack' me up! I always say things are like crack, and I'm often referred to as a hummingbird on crack, and often, my crack shows out of my jeans. Your breakfast looks amazing! I miss pancakes with all my soul.

Nicole said...

Here's a confession: I did NOT like Eat, Pray, Love. I only enjoyed the eating part and even in that part, I only liked the food descriptions.

The Frat Pack + Me said...

Totally agree with you on the magazines! And I agree with Nicole 100%! I tell everybody I only like the Eat part of Eat, Pray, Love!!