Thursday, August 25, 2011

So who invited Irene up for the weekend?

No, Irene is not my mother in law(who might I add has not been here in over a month)
If you haven't heard, Irene is the hurricane churning up the east coast.
I have friends and family up and down the coast, they are all in my thoughts as we brace for this one. Especially my uncle who lives on his boat and has been docked in the Chesapeake Bay for the summer. It has been a long time since Massachusetts has seen the likes of Hurricane Gloria and Bob, that was 20 years ago. I was a carefree kid, I didn't own a house, animals or have kids to worry about. We just worried about getting to the Packey in time to get home before it got too bad out.

Usually when we get hit with a n'oreaster or hurricane it is the Cape and Islands that get hit. Listening to the news this week Rugosa Rose Farm and Tilley's Nest have been in my thoughts. I met them both at the Chicken Workshop I went to.  Rugosa Rose is on the Vineyard, not a great place to be in a storm.  So to my surprise when I turned on the news today the path of the storm has changed and it is heading my way, right up central and western MA.

We will be battening down the hatches, securing lawn and deck furniture. We will be storing water for us and the animals since we have a well.  We just took delivery of our 14 cubic foot freezer.  We will be freezing blocks of ice to ice our food if we are without electricity.  We have a lot of chicken in our freezer we don't want to lose.  We have access to a generator if worse comes to worse.

Just out of principle I will not be buying water or bread.  That makes me crazy.  Around here when a storm is coming and people have to buy bread to last them the next year.  I will fill up my gas tank, gas for the grill, gas for the chain saw and have a little cash on hand. We live in a rural area so we are usually stocked up with anything we may need. 

We plan to put lots of fresh shavings down for the girls on Saturday since they will probably be locked up in the coop all of Sunday.  We will have lots of fresh cut grass for the chickens that we will put in clumps in their coop.  That always makes them happy and will help them pass the time while being shut in.  We have shutters for the windows of the coop that we will screw shut to keep the heavy rain and wind out.

 Now onto other news...

I am happy to announce that the chicken formerly know as Foghorn Leghorn has a new name...

She is the red on the right and her name is Big Bossy and you can also call her Miss Bossy.  She is our top girl and has really taken to her name.
 Big Bossy loves PC, she will watch him to see what he is up to.  In the picture below he was going out to get some kindling for a fire, she just kept watching him to see what he was doing. So cute.

Here's hoping that Irene decides to go out to sea and spares the east coast.
Stay safe and take care!


Tilly's Nest said...

Thank you for the thoughts and well wishes! Same back to you and your human and feathered families. Do let us all know how you make out.

Love the pics of the girls! They are growing so very fast! Unbelieveable huh??

Hugs, Melissa

Reality Jayne said...

hope it doesnt hit your area. Maybe it won't. Take safe

Bee Lady said...

Oh my, I wasn't home yesterday/last night and didn't realize Irene had turned away from North Carolina. My cousin lives in Rhode Island and he said he is prepared too. I hope Irene decides to just go away!

Stay safe. Keep us posted.

Cindy Bee

Kathleen Grace said...

Take care, I'm saying aprayer for the east coast, hopefully the storm will not be as bad as they predict!

Nicole said...

Yikes, good luck with Irene! Sure hope it passes you by.

blondie blu said...

Hope you will be safe! We are on Long Island and will be hit as well. We are trying to prepare the best we can and saying lots of prayers. xo Helena