Thursday, August 18, 2011

ain't to proud to beg...(or eat out of a dust pan)

"Oh man I AM hungry..." said the chicken.

"I don't think anyone saw me..."

"What? What's it to ya?" said the chicken to the coop keeper. "I am not just eating from a dustpan, I am a freegan." the chicken tried to explain in her most dignified manner possible(for a bird that is) "Humans all over are diving into dumpsters and eating food that has been thrown out in the name of freeganism.  Don't believe me? Well, I saw it on Oprah. What? Is this chicken too progressive for you? No? Good, I didn't think so.  By the by I've been meaning to talk to you...have you ever thought of making the change to be a vegetarian or vegan? huh, no? I didn't think so."

"I think you all now how this story ended..."said the coop keeper.

and that is the way
The Chicken Coop Turns...
Like Grain through a feeder...
These are/were the days of their lives


Mommie Dearest Strikes Again said... cute!

Nicole said...

So THAT answers my question! :)

rugosarosefarm said...

Waste not. Want not. :)

Janie Fox said...

these chickens are really growing on me! I saw on pinterest a coop made outta an old dresser. Hmm got me to thinking!

janis said...

hahahaha! You should write a children's book featuring your chickens!